Giroud’s big anger

Olivier Giroud could not contain his rage after his substitution before the break as the Blues were adrift.

The France team completely missed its first period on Sunday against Argentina. Overwhelmed in the commitment and technically imprecise the Blues have only suffered. And the penalty was not long in coming, the Albiceleste opening the scoring with a penalty converted by Lionel Messi in the 23rd minute before Angel Di Maria doubled the bet after a counterflash shortly after the half-hour mark. Game.

The Blues were on the edge of the abyss and Didier Deschamps then attempted an electric shock by making two changes before even going to the locker room. Ousmane Dembélé and Olivier Giroud thus had to give way to Marcus Thuram and Randal Kolo Muani. A decision that the top scorer of the France team had trouble digesting.

The glare when leaving the field and returning to the bench, the former Gunner greeted his coach and the substitutes sitting on the bench but then let his anger explode. The Savoyard indeed first of all violently threw the bottle given by a staff member to the ground before kicking the bench violently, expressing all his frustration. And the AC Milan striker was still on edge during extra time as evidenced by his yellow card received after challenging an arbitration decision.



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