Germany is defeated by Canada with 2:11

TOf course, obia’s defender knew what his team would be up against: the Canadians aren’t just “very strong opponents” at every ice hockey tournament, especially at the U-20 World Championship. But on Wednesday evening in Halifax it would be even more difficult, the national coach was sure in advance, as he announced in TV interviews. Because after their surprising opening defeat against the Czech Republic, the Canadians would have “anger in their stomachs” and “want to prove to the nation at home that they are a very good team”.

Such a U-20 World Cup is a matter of national importance in Canada. Every year between Christmas and the beginning of January, millions sit in front of the screens, so an opening defeat is not planned. So a statement was needed – and that came to the chagrin of Abkampfer and the selection of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB). It was 11:2 after 60 one-sided minutes in front of more than 10,000 fans. The Canadians scored four goals in just a five-minute overtime in the second period – each more beautiful than the next.

That was not only the right answer to the criticism after the start, it was also the hoped-for show from exceptional talent Connor Bedard, who sometimes looked like an adult was playing against children. He is only 17 years old himself and therefore younger than everyone in the DEB squad. But that didn’t stop Bedard from constantly running away from them, playing dream passes without looking or putting the puck almost effortlessly into the net.

“Some pretty good players”

With the game only half over, the upcoming superstar had already completed his hat-trick and ended up with four assists. Seven points in one game – Bedard set a Canadian record. “He was incredible,” said his coach Dennis Williams. Bedard himself remained modest, saying he had “a couple of pretty good teammates who make it really easy for me”. And anyway: “It was just one of those evenings.”


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