Gary Neville attacks referee Sampaio after England out

Hard criticism after England-Out

“A nightmare, a joke from a referee!”

In the quarter-finals of the World Cup, England lost out to France despite a good performance. For TV expert Gary Neville, one of the scapegoats is clearly the referee. Wilton Sampaio caught a “nightmare game”.


Referee Wilton Sampaio is in the crossfire of criticism after the quarter-final between England and France.


Stefan MeierHead of Desk Sports

Gary Neville speaks out clearly after England’s 2-1 defeat by France. The England legend, with 85 caps, takes on referee Wilton Sampaio as a TV pundit at ITV.

“The referee had a nightmare game, an absolute joke from a referee,” says Neville of the Brazilian. “I’m not saying he was to blame for England’s defeat because that would be an excuse. He was just a bad referee, very bad.”


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