Finally, Ivana Knoll wears closed clothes at the 2022 World Cup

Finally, Ivana Knoll wears closed clothes at the 2022 World Cup

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Former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll ended up wearing a closed dress on World Cup 2022 in the duel for the third place Croatia vs Morocco at the Khalifa Stadium, Saturday (17/12).

Ivana Knoll kept her words, always watching Croatia matches. During Croatia vs Morocco, Ivana was back.

But this time with a slightly different atmosphere. Ivana Knoll wears a blue Croatia jersey with the surname Luka Modric.

With that jersey Ivana Knoll looks more closed, unlike during the 2022 World Cup when she often wore open clothes.

Ivana Knoll stole the attention of the 2022 World Cup public with a super-sexy outfit. Apart from tight clothes, Ivana’s clothes also looked open in several parts.

Quoted from Sport.roIvana Knoll’s outfit in the Croatia vs Morocco match was the ‘most polite’ throughout the 2022 World Cup.


Meanwhile, a tweet from the Twitter account @ScreenMix stated that Ivana Knoll had a modest appearance in Croatia vs Morocco because she was threatened not to watch the match if she did not change her dress.

In the match for third place in the 2022 World Cup, Croatia won 2-1 over Morocco. Vatreni’s goals by Josko Gvardiol (7′) and Mislav Orsic (42′) could only be answered with Achraf Dari’s header (9′).

The victory made Croatia win the title of third place in the 2022 World Cup.

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