Eupen surprises Seraing at the end of the game and pushes the Steelworkers to the bottom of the standings

Before the break, Prevljak got into a striking position but took off too much of his attempt (35th), before Bernier came close to opening the scoring for the Steelworkers, with a hook followed by a deflected shot on the opposing post (41st).

Returning from the locker room, Prevljak lacked momentum and his too central try did not surprise Martin (52nd). The home team hit the frame again, when Cachbach fired a curling shot in one beat that hit the square (64′).

After another exit from Martin at the feet of the attackers of the Pandas and Peeters in this case (75th), the Sérésiens were punished following an overflow from Magnée on the right flank and a cross on the head Charles-Cook who propelled the ball at close range into the net (0-1, 88th), thus giving victory to Eupen.

In the standings, Eupen gives himself some air and climbs to 13th place with 19 points, while Seraing has a sixth consecutive defeat in the league. The Steelworkers are in big trouble, last in the standings with 11 points.


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