Director Kuriyama of Samurai J. Thank you for Darvish’s participation in WBC “Impressed” “Great significance for Japanese baseball”

Director Kuriyama appeared on WBC Media Day “I have nothing but gratitude for Daru”

Hideki Kuriyama, manager of the Japanese national baseball team “Samurai Japan”, attended the media day of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in San Diego, California, USA on the 6th (7th Japan time). Regarding Padres pitcher Yu Darvish announcing that he will participate in the WBC, he said, “I was moved, or rather, I was amazed. I was moving forward while understanding everything. I am really grateful to Dal.”

He arrived in the United States on the 5th (6th) of the previous day and had a meeting with Darvish in San Diego. It is said that the 36-year-old right-hand man said, “I will cooperate with Japan as much as possible.” The commander said, “I didn’t know until I came,” but he was overjoyed by Darvish’s decision to participate in the war.

“When I was the manager of the Fighters, I went to the United States to replace him. At that time, we were talking about various things, and I said to Daru, ‘Just once in your life, let me write Darvish on the member list. I had my dreams, and more than that, the Japanese fans.Young professional baseball players have a lot to learn about training methods, conditioning, and pitching.At any rate, Japanese coaches It was also one of my roles to let the Japanese players experience it when I became a player.

The timing of the merger is undecided. Still, the commander said, “I’m talking to Dal to join us early.” He expressed his expectations for the veteran right-hander, saying, “I’m more conscious of what I have to do for the future of Japanese baseball.”

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