Dani Olmo From making touches in the annex of Vilatenim to playing in the World Cup

Dani Olmo, on the left, with his father Miquel and his brother Carlos, in the Vilatenim annex in 2006.

It was the summer of 2005 and the Fig trees he lived as he could in Segona B. Economically trapped in a deficit category and with a social support that had been losing steam after failing to reach the return to Segona A, the owners of the club, Miquel Food, they tried to keep the flame alive as best they could. After the departure of the sports director Tito Vilanova towards TerrassaFigueres entrusted the bench to a young technician who stood out in Tercera, Michael Olmo. The Valaisian had the challenge of making a completely new squad roll out where only they were left Quique Beltrán and young Óscar Ramírez from the previous year. It cost, of course, but Olmo and his men achieved the success of salvation with three days to go. The young technician was culminating a difficult year and his first in the bronze category. Behind were hours and hours of work and hundreds of kilometers up and down by car to go up to train from terrace and return in the dark night. On the weekends, he did it with the family, who never missed a game of his father’s and it was quite normal to see two blond and scrawny boys running chasing a ball on the grass of the Vilatenim annex field or in the stadium itself. They were his sons Carlos and Dani. The elder, Carlos, plays for Kustosija Zagreb in Croatia, while the younger is one of the most prominent players in the Spanish national team competing in the World Cup in Qatar.

Miquel Olmo, during his time at Figueres (2005-06) Girona newspaper

In 2005, the youngest of the Olmos, only 7 years old, was already starting to play it well and was not at all ashamed to make passes with the players or to kick penalties at the goalkeeper Flavio Frangella. “When we trained on Saturday mornings, I let them enter the field at the end and they played with the players. Quique, Álvaro Martínez, Pep Arau, Miguel Figueira, Rangel, Jose Ramírez, Tino and Manolo González…With many. I remember that they even threw penalties at Flavio Frangella”, explains the pare. Surely the goalkeeper Flavio or any of the players would then imagine that he would be touching a World Cup player and one of the players, currently in the Leipzig, most outstanding of the Spanish selection. “Dani always followed his brother. They were passionate about football and when they could they would jump on the field and run, kick and jump. The normal of boyfriends of his age”, explains Olmo. After the stage in Figueres, the coach moved to Terrassa i in May 2008 he landed at Girona to be Javi Salamero’s assistant. With the team saved mathematically, Olmo was the first coach for the last three days. «He always carried a ball in the back of the car and when Dani could come (then he was playing in the nursery). Barça) jumped to Montilivi or the annex to make touches”, he remembers.


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