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Among the many analyzes of Alberto Gamerotrying to find an answer to the elimination of Millionaires, made a comment at the press conference that did not go down well.

Samario is criticized for pointing out a culprit in the game that was played in Barranquilla, leaving the work of Deportivo Pereira in doubt, and incidentally, calling into question the fall of Junior. Gamero found it surprising.

You never have to depend on anyone, we depended on a result in Barranquilla. In the 1-1 game we depended on a result in Barranquilla and surprisingly Pereira wins 2 to 0when it was 20 years since I had won there,” Gamero said about what happened on the decisive date 6.

And it is that Millonarios had to beat Santa Fe to qualify. It was up to him to do it. With the tie he had to wait for Junior, with a very weak home run, to give him a hand with Pereira. They were not given. The Matecañas did their homework and won 2-0, and taking advantage of the result of the Bogota classic, they got into the final.

Does this really surprise you, Professor Gamero? Pereira’s victory in Barranquilla is not surprising if one takes into account that the rojiblanco lost his three home run games in the Metro (0-1 with Millonarios, 2-3 with Santa Fe and 0-2 with Pereira). In the group he barely added a point and he did it in Bogotá signing a 0-0 with the cardinals.

In addition, as if that were not enough, Alejandro Restrepo’s team has the top scorer of the semester, Leonardo Castro, who games before had been looking to dethrone Jefferson Duque, from Atlético Nacional, to keep the scoring boot. Junior ‘gave him papaya’ and Leo did not forgive.

Two days ago in FUTBOLRED it was already warned, with Deportivo Pereira they could not be trusted and a victory against the cardinals in the fifth day would leave them more alive than ever, and that’s how it was. A 5-1 that did not warn them either. Review: Santa Fe and Millionaires cannot be neglected: Pereira’s accounts



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