Corinthians e-Football wins Copa UP LIVE Libertadores LATAM undefeated

The Copa UP LIVE Libertadores LATAM started on the 26th, and Coringão faced six teams from different countries, such as Guatemala, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador. All this trajectory was trodden with victories, which resulted in the title for the alvinegra team. The conquest was undefeated, with the best use of the competition and a balance of 54 positive goals!

At the end of the group stage, Corinthians won more victories and reached the grand final against the Azules team. With the victory, Corinthians conquered the Copa UP LIVE Libertadores LATAM mobile.

The athletes played very technical games and, with a lot of training and preparation, they represented Corinthians very well and brought home the title!


Athletes list:

Erick Inácio da Silva Alves (ErikPESpro)

Luiz Henrique de Paula Araújo (LuizNubN444)

Mario Junior (MJR)

Jackson da Silva Ramos (Jack)

Carlos Antônio S. Barbosa (Carlinhos)

Richard Bastos da Silva (Richard99)

Cristiano de Souza Oliveira (Wizard)

Eliel de Campos Lima (RaioN)

General coordinator:

Arnaldo Ferreira Rocha (Somalia)


Lucas Lima

Nilson Santana

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