Concern for Pelé: “Hold on, King!”

Dhe Christmas tree glitters festively in blue and silver, Pelé smiles as he is hugged in his wheelchair by his wife Marcia. The picture of last Christmas of the seriously ill Brazilian football idol went around the world a year ago, Pelé was allowed to go home to his loved ones.

But now there are great concerns about the 82-year-old, who is fighting death in the hospital on his beloved “Natal”. “Our Christmas at home has been postponed,” Pelé’s daughters announced via Instagram, smiling confidently and even announcing caipirinhas in the hospital room for the holidays.

However, the news, which followed a few minutes later from the doctors at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paolo, revealed a different perspective: the 82-year-old’s state of health has apparently deteriorated drastically. The doctors treating her said the cancer was progressing. “Hold on, king!” wrote the sports newspaper “Lance” to the news – and she spoke from the soul of a nation.


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