Clueless organizers, aborted race. The super-giant slalom was disrupted by a dog that was running madly down the slope

By that time, the Swiss skier Odermatt had finished his ride and could slowly celebrate the victory by 64 hundredths ahead of the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr.

Not long after the number 33 man crossed the finish line, a stray dog ​​appeared on the track.

The efforts of the organizers to catch him were not met with understanding by the animal. The dog, on the other hand, got scared and ran down the slope. Trapped between fall arrest barriers, he slid down the slope and his actions brought smiles to the faces of competitors and spectators alike.

In the end, they managed to get the dog off the track, but it took the organizers ten long minutes.

The unusual happenings in the Italian center were also underlined by the three-time Olympic champion Matthias Mayer, who unexpectedly ended his career during an interview for the ORF TV station. At the same time, the Austrian skier inspected the track during the day.


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