Club championship of the Judo Club Kreuzlingen

On Saturday December 10th, 2022 the annual club championship of the Judo Club
Kreuzlingen instead of. Almost 40 judokas in all age groups were early
highly motivated in the morning for the last judo tournament this year. at 7
different weight and age groups, so every judoka could do his best
show in fair conditions. Our judokas showed exciting, interesting
and surprising fights. The parents, friends and coaches supported theirs
Protégés actively at the edge of the mat.

60 competitive encounters

After 60 competitive encounters, the club championship was already closed again
End. At the end, every judoka received a fine Grittibänz, the
was eaten immediately. Four judokas were defeated at the end of the tournament with one
Trophy for the best judo technique. Proudly and with joy
all the judokas, parents and coaches made their way home.

Introductory courses from January 2023

New introductory courses from January 2023. Information at



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