Cheorwon-gun holds the 2022 National Federation Badminton Championships: Korea Union Newspaper

▲ Cheorwon-gun holds the 2022 National Federation Badminton Championships

[한국연합신문=최준용 기자] Cheorwon-gun will hold the ‘2022 National Federation of Badminton Championships’ at Cheorwon Indoor Gymnasium for 5 days from December 3rd to 7th.

This competition has been held since 2017 to discover and nurture promising players in domestic badminton at an early stage. Sponsored by

In the game, 66 teams from elementary schools across the country, 422 players, executives, and officials stake the honor of each school on the men’s and women’s team competition for grades 1 to 5 and individual matches for grades 3 and below.

On the other hand, Cheorwon Indoor Gymnasium, where prospective badminton players from all over the country will compete with their honed skills, has a 12-sided arena and can hold large-scale competitions without difficulty, establishing itself as a mecca for elite competitions.

An official from Cheorwon-gun said, “We will do our best to support the competition so that the players and officials participating in the competition can concentrate on the competition comfortably in Cheorwon.” I hope it will be an opportunity to take a step forward.”



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