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CBA comprehensive news: Zhejiang Chouzhou beats Guangsha Guangdong Hongyuan overtime wins Longshi

Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, December 11 (Reporter Lu Xianting) The second stage of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) played four games on the 10th. In the two “derby” games, Zhejiang Chouzhou team beat Zhejiang 109:102 Guangsha team and Guangdong Hongyuan team beat the Guangzhou Dragon Lions team 101:94 in overtime.

Since the start of this season, the Zhejiang team has been popular all the way, and currently leads the standings with 11 victories.

At the start of the first quarter, the Guangsha team made a 7:0 start. The Zhejiang team quickly overtook the score, but Sun Minghui and Li Jinxiao hit consecutive three-pointers, and the Guangsha team led the first quarter 23:19. In the second quarter, after the Guangsha team led to 41:34, Zhejiang team Cheng Shuipeng and Wu Qian scored consecutive points to help the team play a 17:4 counterattack and lead the first half with 51:45.

Since then, the two sides have played inextricably, and the score has been biting tightly. At the last moment, the Zhejiang team bloomed more points to keep their lead, and finally sealed the victory at 109:102.

Wu Qian of the Zhejiang team scored 31 points in this campaign, including 5 three-pointers. Gary scored 25 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists. Sun Minghui of the Guangsha team played 34 minutes and contributed 27 points and 10 assists.

In another focus match, the Guangdong Hongyuan team and the Guangzhou Long-Lions team tied at 90 during the main match. In overtime, Xu Jie, Ren Junfei, and Hu Mingxuan of the Guangdong team scored three-pointers successively, gradually opening up the score. In the end, the Guangdong team won 101:94.

In the other two games of the day, the Jilin Jiutai Rural Commercial Bank team defeated the Xinjiang Guanghui team 112:91, and the Shandong Expressway team defeated the Fujian Xunxing team 102:70.


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