Casademont Zaragoza closes the year with another exhibition in the Women’s League

Casademont closed the first round of the Endesa League with another victory, the eleventh of the season, by imposing this Friday on a Bembribre who aspired to sneak into the Copa de la Reina. However, the Aragonese team once again exhibited its best face, especially after the break, to carry out another demanding appointment and remain in the upper zone of the table. Tate especially shone, who finished with 27 PIR credits thanks to his 18 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists in 24 minutes of play.

The duel It was very competitive in the early stages, with a permanent exchange of blows. El Bembibre seized on the success of Palma, Silva and Whalen in attack, while Mariona Ortiz was the most lucid player of the Aragonese. The groups were alternating the control of the marker, although always with reduced rents. The locals did threaten to distance themselves, already in the final stretch of the fourth (18-13), but Casademont quickly reduced the gap with a three-pointer from Leo Fiebich and a jump shot from Lara González. At the end of the opening act, the advantage of the Leonese had been reduced to a single point (19-18).

The equality was maintained afterwards, with both teams showing great intensity in each of their actions. The locals struck first (26-22), now with Lacorzana as the main weapon, although Casademont’s response was blunt with points from Tate, Gatling, Vega Gimeno and Geldof (33-37). At halftime, the visitors ruled the duel, although with their rival firmly aspiring to victory (38-40).

The clash became unbalanced after the break. Casademont used his defensive discipline to neutralize his opponent, who only scored 12 points in the next 10 minutes of the contest. And although the women from Zaragoza weren’t very successful in attack in this third quarter either, they did begin to tip the match in their favor against an opponent who was losing strength as the game progressed. It was in the last act when the locals no longer resisted the force and momentum of Casademont, who once again offered another exciting performance on both sides of the track.

The Aragonese team he conceded 11 goals in the last 10 minutes, while billed 27; a faithful reflection of the superiority with which the match ended. With this result (61-81), Casademont has eleven victories and remains just one win behind Valencia, the current leader.


61 – Bembibre: Silva (8), Helena Lopez (6), Palma (8), Whalen (9) and Aijanen (3) – the starting quintet. Lacorzana (13), Westerik (8), Pirttinen (2) and Austin (4).

81 – Casademont: Tate (18), Mariona (5), Vega Gimeno (11), Oma (6) and Geldof (10) –starting five–. Grande, Lara González (4), Fiebich (10), Alonso de Armiño (5) and Gatling (12).

Partials: 19-18, 19-22, 12-14 and 11-27.

Referees: Albacete Chamón, Martínez Prada and Palanca Page.



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