Carhartt Men’s Workwear Baseball Cap $150

Heavy-duty utility-inspired baseball cap featuring a breathable sweatband. Adjustable design. At present, the overseas purchase price on Amazon is ¥150, free direct shipping to China for prime members, 164 yuan including tax.domesticTmall flagship storeSimilar models are discounted to ¥289.

This Carhartt men’s workwear baseball cap is made of pure cotton material, comfortable and breathable, with a workwear style, with a COOLMAX sweatband design inside, and a leather LOGO in the middle of the cap body. Suitable for everyday casual wear.

Carhartt, an American brand with a history of 120 years, is famous for manufacturing high-quality, comfortable and durable high-quality work clothes. Most of its products are made of high-grade fabric materials and are suitable for all kinds of extremely harsh working environments. It mainly produces overalls and overalls jackets. It was one of the suppliers of US military clothing during World War II. Today, Carhartt is a big brother in street fashion, with invincible popularity and brand charm. When it comes to overalls style clothing , had to think of Carhartt. Shawn Yue and Guan Xige, who like workwear, often wear their workwear shirts.

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Carhartt men's tooling baseball cap 150 yuan



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