Cantù wins the derby against Urania

test of strengthWater S.Bernardo Basketball Cantùwhich tames theUrania Milan in the derby of the first day of return of the Green Series A2 (79-61). The biancoblù consolidate the top at 24 points and sign the tenth consecutive victory. Before the tap-off, the Eagles remembered the late Chicco Ravaglia, who passed away on December 23, 1999.

The record

The beginning of the first quarter sees Cantù play smoothly on the Rogic-Hunt axis: two baskets from below by the American pivot and a bomb by the Croatian point guard who replies to Amato (7-3). The locals raise their voices in rebounds, while Urania tries to respond with Hill to the baskets of Bucarelli and Baldi Rossi (13-9). Rogic strikes again from the arc, then Da Ros with two trips from the line, Severini from outside and Baldi Rossi complete the biancoblù symphony of +15 to 10′ (26-11). Only 25% from the field for the Milanese with Potts not received.

Lots of mistakes in the first 5′ of the second period with the partial blocked at 5-2 (31-13). Urania tries to force the shot, but it’s not the day (5/18 from two and 1/10 from three in the 8th minute). Acqua S.Bernardo instead finds the shock with Hunt and Nikolic: +22 in the 8th minute (37-15). Long-range challenge between Amato and Berdini, then the young point guard from Canturi puts in the penetration 44-25.

Upon returning to the field immediately 4-0 by Nikolic and Hunt (48-25). Followed by the triple by Pullazi and two trips from the lunette by Hill (48-30). Nikolic and Hill already in double figures in the 33rd minute (12 for the Serbian and 11 for the American). The physicists prevail for a couple of minutes, then Rogic signs three penetrations in a row to applause for 58-34. Milan unlocks itself from outside and with a break of 2-11 it goes to -15 (60-45). Berdini at the end for 62-45. For Cantù 17-7 in points from the bench.

Fourth fraction: ready to go, immediately 4-0 with Bucarelli and Berdini. Potts (among the best scorers in the Green Group) was literally canceled out by the Cantù defense: 0 points and -22 for him after 33′. Partial of 13-9 for Cantù with the third bomb from Rogic (75-54). Acqua S.Bernardo manages and wins 79-61. “Double double” for Hunt with 12 points and 11 rebounds (

The scoreboard

San Bernardo Cantu water: Rogic 15, Bucarelli 4, Nikolic 16, Baldi Rossi 13, Hunt 12; Stefanelli 1, Severini 5, Da Ros 4, Berdini 9. Ne: Brembilla, Borsani, Meroni. All.: Bags

Urania Milan: Amato 16, Potts, Pullazi 11, Hill 13, Ebeling 8; Valsecchi, Montano 11, Piunti 2, Cavallero. In: Marra, Pezzola. All.: Villa

Referees: Moretti, Salustri, Courage.

Partials: 11-26, 18-14, 18-20, 17-16.



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