Boxing legend Mayweather wants to buy team

Munich – boxing legend Floyd Mayweather jr. swims in money. It’s not for nothing that his nickname is “Money”. But what to do with all the coal?

After the 45-year-old ended his active career unbeaten in 2017 (balance 50:0), he is looking for investment opportunities in other sports. For example, Mayweather owns a NASCAR team. Obviously that’s not enough for him.

As “MSN” reports, the best “pound-for-pound” boxer in history wants to join the NBA. In a panel discussion, he admitted that he had been trying to acquire a team for a long time. Mayweather claims to have offered an owner two billion dollars. However, he did not reveal which team it was.

New NBA team in Las Vegas or Seattle?

With the purchase proving complicated, the 15-time world champion might also consider starting an NBA expansion team.

“It could be the Vegas franchise, it could be the Seattle franchise, or I could buy a franchise that’s already up and running. In the first case, we offered him a little over $2 billion for the controlling interest. I got it ? Absolutely, I’ve got it,” Mayweather trumpeted with his usual panache.

The NBA last expanded to 30 teams in 2004. A further increase is conceivable so that the league can compensate for the losses of the pandemic period. However, this is not to be expected before 2024. Only then does the NBA sign a new TV contract.

Phoenix Suns are for sale

If expansion actually happens, Seattle would be a logical candidate. The Seattle SuperSonics played there until 2008 before they moved to Oklahoma City. With $2 billion, Mayweather could become the majority shareholder.

Perhaps the boxing icon is also interested in the Phoenix Suns. The franchise is the only team currently up for sale after owner Robert Sarver was banned for a year over racism and misogyny. The purchase price is said to be around three billion dollars.



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