Best photos of Emilia Ferrero, Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend who is not wanted in Argentina | soccer trivia

Her name is Emilia Ferrero, she is Julián Álvarez’s girlfriend and these days she is not exactly the most popular woman in Argentina. All because of a video in which she doesn’t show herself to be very understanding with a group of small fans of her boyfriend, whom she asks to take a photo and because they have to go.

Many were annoyed by the impatience of the beautiful athlete and even ask, in an online initiative that has more than 8,000 signatories, that this romance end.

There are already five years of relationship between the soccer player and the physical education teacher and hockey player.

When he went to Manchester City, she followed him shortly after and they live together there. Will the fans be able to drive them away? It seems like a stable enough relationship to overcome these difficulties. He meets the beautiful Emilia:


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