Basketball: the engaging Gaji wears Rodez

With their new nugget Dolapo Gaji, the Ruthénois (8th before the match) easily dominated Charpennes (10th), this Saturday evening on behalf of the 11th day of National 3.

He did not hide before the match “not really knowing what to expect”, even if he had already seen in a few training sessions “that he was dominant”. Dolapo Gaji, the 22-year-old Nigerian who landed on the Piton in recent days and just qualified for the evening match, responded in the most demonstrative way to his coach Matija Sagadin. Scoring 21 points, the biggest total of his team, but also cleaning up in defense, as in the offensive rebound. A real “Mister plus” which could well change completely during the Ruthenian season.

“He proved in match, reacted his coach after this success against Charpennes, 84-61; the fourth in row, keeping the RBA warm in the National 3 Group B classification. , in attack, to give second possessions. It was his first game in his new colors, and the Lagos native 4 had started on the bench. But as soon as she entered, Ginette-Mazel’s audience understood! He took his team from 10-13 (7th) to 23-16, then 41-25 at the break. Folding the match.

“It’s very exciting to have a player like that”

On his first supports, the English speaker who is learning French has shown all his athletic abilities. Devouring the racket with one step. Like on the dunk that followed. But to see his few minutes spent on the floor, we cannot sum up this player to his size (1.96 m). His hand being, to say the least, very precious. “He has the physical dimension, but also has good coordination, he is very agile. It’s very exciting to have a player like that. It’s really the element that we lacked to pass a course, “commented a Sagadin who used “Ola” – as he is nicknamed – despite everything sparingly, just to not burn it for his first.

Almost as if it was too good to be true. And then, if he still has to integrate a lot of tactical principles of course, he has embarked on his crazy epic for the whole team, all his teammates whom he did not know a few days ago. Freeing them too. “We will try to develop it as much as possible. He has integrated well into the team, it’s great. Tonight is a great collective victory, “said Sagadin again about the Nigerian happy like a fish in water to find himself on the floor, even having fun, ball in hand, with the children of the public descended on the floor during the break! Enough to leave beautiful images for this last of the calendar year at home.

But also ask for confirmation next Saturday in Montélimar, while the club will also have to manage an administrative difficulty: indeed, with Williams (Welsh), Gaji and Pecovnik (Slovene), absent from elsewhere last night, it will be necessary to let each times a foreigner at rest, the match sheets not being able to contain more than two in N3.



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