BADMINTON: Full results from R1 to D2

The Amiens UC Badminton teams involved in the regional and departmental championships had good overall results during the second day of the championship. Here are the full results.

The teams involved in Regional 1 to Departmental 2 started their championship on November 19th. On December 11, no less than 7 teams from Amiens surveyed the grounds of Hauts-de-France, with the desire to end 2022 well.

Regional 1: Amiens does not go far

Amiens (2) played at home, in his stronghold: the Auguste Janvier gymnasium. The first part of the day ended with a great victory 5/3 against Lezennes (2), notably thanks to the victories of the 2 men’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s and mixed 1. The afternoon was more complicated, the Amiens meeting a great team of Marchiennes (2) who knew how to make the difference at the end of the match, with regard to the men’s singles 2, where Wilfried Chatelain (R5) did not go far from a good performance against Léo Deteve (N3). Ditto for the men’s doubles and the mixed doubles 1, narrowly lost in the third set. At the end of the meeting, the Marchiennois won 5-3.
The Samarians find themselves temporarily in the penultimate place of the pool, but nothing alamant for the Amiens clan, since in two days, they have already faced the 3 favorite teams in the championship, who currently sit in the first three places of the pool. Everything is still possible.

Regional 2: Two De Kerfs are better than one!

Nathalie De Kerf brings back 3 out of 4 points from this day.

Amiens 3, traveling to Albert, was opposed to the teams of Quesnoy-sur-Deule and Albert. Two meetings that unfortunately ended in defeats. For the first opposition of the day against a rather heterogeneous northern formation, only the mixed doubles composed ofHugo Leclere and Nathalie De Kerf manage to bring back a small point. Defeat 5/1.
In the afternoon, the Amiens also stumble against Albert, losing 4/2. In terms of victories, these are the performances of Nathalie De Kerf and Candice De Kerf, in women’s singles and women’s doubles which bring the two points to the AUC collective, which at the same time allows them to earn the defensive bonus. In the standings, the team is provisionally in 6th position in its pool.

Regional 3: Not even afraid!

Team playersAmiens (4) traveled in minimum numbers to Arras. The team, weakened by the absences of Olivia Binois and Antoine Patoux (c), still found the necessary resources to go for two victories. The first, against Arras (5), 4-2. Meeting in which Julie Vatin (D7) performs well by winning against Marine Vaillant (R6)in two sets (21-16 / 21-15).
Similarly in men’s singles 3, where Mirko Haegemann (D8) offers an “easy” victory against Adrien Pucinski (R5), in two sets (21-16 / 22-20). For the second meeting of the day against Péronne, the Amiens logically won with a score of 4-2. The team is currently in 4th place in the pool.

Pre Regional: almost faultless

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Guillaume Firon, player of team 5, won in mixed doubles 2 against Chaulnes, associated with Lou Anne Debieve.

The Amiens team (5) traveling to Nouvion-en-Ponthieu, returns with two victories in their pocket. In the morning, the people of Amiens win 5-2 against Chaulnes. In the afternoon, they narrowly prevail against the Sphinx of Nouvion 4-3.
Ranking not disclosed.

Amiens (6), also engaged in the Pre-Regional, was therefore traveling to Ponthieu. The Amiens remained undefeated at the end of the first day. The AUCists continued their momentum by winning 6/1 against Nouvion. The second part of the day will have been more complicated with the first defeat, on the smallest of margins, 4/3 against Ailly/Noye.
Ranking not disclosed.

Departmental 1: A day to forget…

Amiens (7) moved to Péronne. A day to forget: the Amiens come back with two defeats. In the first encounter, AUC players lost heavily 7-0 against the Péronnais, despite two very tight matches for Gwenaël Binois, in men’s singles 2 and in men’s doubles, associated with Nicolas Boucher. In the second part of the day, defeat 6/1 against the Phoenix of Feuquières.
The team is provisionally in last place in the pool.

Departmental 2: Great performances and fighting spirit!

badminton duo mixto gazettesports kevin devigne 105
Corentin Catteau (D9) will have been the author of a good performance with Léa Chevalier (D9) against Nesle, winning against the pair Mutel / Cotteau (D8)

Amiens (8), also traveling to Péronne, did not have a restful morning. In the first game against Roye, no less than 5 matches were played in 3 sets! Despite their fighting spirit, the Amiens concede a 5/3 defeat. In the afternoon, the Aucists were able to gain the upper hand over the Neslois and win with the score of 4/3.
This temporarily brings the team to 3rd place in the pool out of 6.

Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports (archives)



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