Badminton Backets Attack Type 6U Carbon Fiber Racquet For Intermediate Players Super Light Weight L3 221121 From 73,50 €

Package includes

1. Badminton Racket*1 Piece (No Stretch) or Badminton Racket*1 Piece (Strung by Kawasaki KSB-68 String)

If you want me to put it on, order the one “you’re tied up” and then we’ll put it on for you.Default is Kawasaki KSB-68 String and 24 lbs.Or you can leave us a message with your other request.

If you want another chain,Click here and order with the racket together the rope kawasaki

2. Free Badminton Racket Full Cover *1

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Super Light L3


1. losAirfoil frame structure it can bring faster speed for response and more flunet

2.Stable racket “s teewhich is combined with the frame structure of the airfoil, allowing players to control the balls precisely

3. The pole is made of carbon fiber, and the shaft is a thin rod of7.0 mm in diameter

4.low wind resistance“S Cone Cover

5. Madera Soilddamping handle

6. The painting of the rackets is full of playful and affinity, allowing children to fall in love with sports


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