Atlético boss admits breakup between Simeone and Felix

Atlético boss admits breakup between Simeone and Felix

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At Atlético Madrid there was a break between Joao Felix and Diego Simeone. The club boss confirmed the rumors and spoke of a change.

It has long been speculated that Joao Felix will leave Atlético Madrid this summer. The club boss has now confirmed the background, a rift with coach Diego Simeone.

A change in the summer now seems to be the most realistic scenario. Joao Felix and Atlético will no longer have a future together. The 23-year-old rising star already only plays a minor role at the Madrid club.

It has been rumored for a long time that there was a dispute between Felix and Diego Simeone. The fact that the coach only rarely puts him in the starting XI and lets him sit on the bench more often is said to be the result of this rift. But there is some truth to the rumors so far. After all, none other than the club boss confirmed this thesis.

Felix and Simeone’s relationship is ‘not good’

Opposite the Spanish channel TVE Miguel Ángel Gil Marín called the Portuguese’s transfer “the biggest risk this club has taken in its history” (via sports picture). As a reminder: In 2019 you paid 127 million euros for Felix.

In Gil Marín’s view, the Portuguese is still a “world-class player who I would love to keep”. However, this option no longer seems to exist.

He continued: “I think he’s at the highest level in the world, but for reasons I don’t want to get into now, Simeone’s relationship with him isn’t good – and his motivation isn’t the best.”

That’s why he’s no longer assuming a whereabouts. On the contrary: the club boss even speaks openly about the option of saying goodbye.

“Then we have to consider whether there is an option that is good for the player and for the club. Then we can look at it,” he said, open to a transfer. Albeit more by force, rather than as my own intention. However, it is still unclear which price segment Atlético intends to release.

There will undoubtedly be enough interested parties. A departure at the end of the season is therefore as good as sealed. Felix is ​​even said to want to change in the winter, but the club would like to keep him at least until the summer.

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