At Real Madrid they begin to fear for Musa

Chus Mateo is already warned of one of the players who could have the most media attraction in the next market

Muse between the NBA and Real Madrid

Maximum concern in Valdebebas: Musa is standing out in all his appearances with Real Madrid and could become a problem in the offices as well as a really effective solution on the track.

Call me Musa is one of the rising stars of Real Madrid of basketball. The constantly improving situation of the bosnian playerreally close to galactic level according to several of the sporting bosses in this part of the club, it could have attracted a unwanted attention by the managers of Real Madrid: one of the greatest powers in world basketball wants Musa.

The NBA could be done with this new “galactic” and even relatively low price: the contract of Dzanan Musa is of short duration y strengthen your bond with Real Madrid no thisfor now, in the common agenda plans of the directors of Valdebebas and the Bosnian forward. Their performance in the last game of Chus Mateo’s pupils, with 18 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists places him as one of the references of the white team: 22 rating.

The attraction what have the NBA Over the players what stand out in the Real Madrid it’s nothing new: the white team has been ‘suffering’ this phenomenon since their first stars shone internationally and the Euroleague is he ideal context for the exposure of all basketball talents that Real Madrid keeps in the Wizink Center.

A unique and unrepeatable forward

Cases like those of ‘I do’ Campazzo or the one of Luka Doncic follow too frescos on the memory of the directors of Real Madridso the offices of valdebebas could be currently preparing an extension of Dzanan Musa’s contract to prevent delegations from NBA teams from starting to probe the contractual situation of the Bosnian forward.

The spectacular increase in the pace of the game by Musa worries in the offices of valdebebasespecially for the delicate situation in which the link with Dzanan Musa is and the ease that American teams and franchises have: Musa does not plan to slow down and he wants to consolidate himself even more as a key piece of Chus Mateo’s initial quintet.



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