As we evaluate LeBron’s era, it becomes clear that he is even better than we think

NBA Champion: When we evaluate LeBron’s era, it’s clear that he’s even better than we think

Three-time NBA champion, renowned basketball player Dwyane Wade o spoke about his former teammate Lebron Jamescurrently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I can’t use the word ‘surprised’ when I’m talking about LeBron James’ accomplishments. Sometimes I think we’re living in the LeBron era and haven’t had a chance to really think about it. And if we evaluate this period, it becomes clear that it is even better than we think now. I speak as someone who has spent a lot of time with him on set. He’s not selfish on the floor. And if there’s one record LeBron wants to go with, I think it’s the goalscoring record.

When I can’t be [на стадионе] The day he does I hope to be in front of a TV somewhere. And I’ll definitely be one of the first to text him that he’ll get when the match is over,” Sports Illustrated quoted Wade as saying.

LeBron dances while training on a yacht:

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