Artur Moraes on Rui Costa: «It’s good to see Benfica redeem all the values ​​of the club» – Benfica

Former goalkeeper of the eagles opined on the leadership of the current president of the club

Artur Moraes, former Benfica goalkeeper, was present at the Thinking Football Summit, which took place last month at the Super Bock Arena – Pavilhão Rosa Mota. The former Brazilian player, who with the eagle on his chest added some of the best collective achievements of his career, did not forget his past at Luz and, in an exclusive interview with ELEVEN, ended up commenting on the leadership of president Rui Costa. “Leadership by Rui Costa? I look at it with great joy. It’s good to see Benfica strong like this, it’s good to see Benfica competitive, it’s good to see Benfica rescue all those values ​​that are the values ​​of Sport Lisboa e Benfica. I think Rui Costa , who leads this whole process, is to be congratulated, because he reorganized the club and set up a super competitive team this season”, he shot.

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