Argentinians mock France and Kylian Mbappé for his trans girlfriend

The fans in question began to warm up the atmosphere prior to the last World Cup game with a song that, beyond exalting the virtues of Argentina to fight for the title, brush with the racism, xenophobia and even homophobia.

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The chorus was heard on the Argentine channel TyC Sports, whose envoy to Qatar interviewed the fans singing the insulting chorus at the top of his lungs.

In fact, the lyrics are so bawdy that the reporter himself was forced to remove the microphone and ask that his cameraman not focus more on them because of the unfortunate message that they were giving

What’s more, if something like this is heard in the final stadium, this Sunday, December 18, Fifa could sanction directly to the Argentine federation for the actions of its followers.

Qatar 2022: Argentinians mock France and Mbappé for his trans girlfriend

The first part of the song highlights the Afro origin of several of the members of the French team, since many are African children or were born on the black continent.

“They play in France, but they are all from Angola”, He says the phrase without taking into account the same thing happens in his own country.

In fact, A large part of the Argentine population is descendant of displaced Europeans who fled from poverty, segregationism and wars to the south of the American continent.

Then, they point directly at the striker Kylian Mbappé, son of Africans and whose partner is the trans model Inés Rau.

“They are committers, like the p… of Mbappé”, The fans were heard with an obvious discriminatory tone.

And they closed with the most insulting part: “Her old woman is Nigerian, her old man is Cameroonian.” It was there when the journalist did not echo them.

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On video, the offensive chorus:


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