Arenas chains another goalless draw due to its inaccuracies in Gobela

Escobar fights with an opponent in the center of the field to take a ball with his head. / ARENAS CLUB

The lack of aim in the second period takes its toll on the Getxotarras

Arenas and AD San ​​Juan have shared the points in Gobela. The imprecision in the passes and the lack of aim have once again condemned Javier Olaizola’s men, who had just drawn in their outing against Alavés B with the same result. The game had two sides, one very intense in the first half, with both teams playing a leading role, and another one of local dominance without success in front of goal after the restart. The red and black are already thinking in terms of the Copa del Rey to receive Valladolid.

The alternation has been the protagonist during the first half, in which the visitors have been plugged in. Neither of the two teams has been able to shake off the rival pressure or command the midfield. The intensity has been maximum, with pressure from both contenders in the vicinity of the areas. It was about not giving the opponent time to think.

Arenas Club

Landeta, Lazka (Mayo, min. 72; Gomeza, min. 80), Arana, Jurgi (Arzuaga, min. 56), Unai García, Paul (Bengoechea, min. 56), Argente, Escobar (Gastesi, min. 72) , Markel Goñi, Iñigo López and Elorza.

A.D. San Juan

Fraga, Morte, Rives (Ezkurra, min. 65), Olcoz (Iriguibel, min. 65), Lezaun (Gómez, min. 76), Iribarren (Mendoza, min. 83), Retegi (Morillas, min. 76), Rusiñol , Galeano and Recalde.

  • Referee:
    Roberto Jiménez Lozano, from the La Rioja College. He admonished Escobar (min. 13), Jurgi (min. 36) and Goñi (min. 79) by Arenas, and Ezkurra (min. 25) by the visitor.

The first times have been for the team coached by Alfredo Ibero. Iribarren tried after a quarter of an hour with a low shot that Landeta stopped without problems. Then he has starred in a beautiful penetration Lezaun, who has left two players. His cross was received by Iribarren to finish off low again and to be saved by the goalkeeper again. Ricardo later tried again from outside the area, but his shot went high.

Shortly before the half hour expired, Arenas has gained prominence. Unai García has signed a beautiful personal action to leave two rivals behind and cross from the bottom line, but Jurgi has not managed to connect at the near post and the ball has passed parallel to the goal without finding a shooter.

Although the best opportunity has been in the boots of Jurgi Oteo, with a pass from Paul. He first shot point-blank and the ball bounced off the goalkeeper, and the subsequent rebound crashed into the crossbar. Already at minute 37, Elorza tried with a strong volley that went wide.

The second part has started as if it were a copy of that brilliant start of AD San ​​Juan. However, everything has ended in a very fast counter that Rives has sent to Lezaun, whose shot has gone wide. It became clear right away that the visitors were not going to push so hard and Javier Olaizola’s men were able to start to create and dominate.

The first has been Arzuaga, who recently entered has opted for a distant shot that has forced Fraga to show off to send the ball to a corner. The other good opportunity also came from his boots, with a good pass that Goñi headed very focused, easy for the goalkeeper. In minute 85, Goñi himself was unable to finish off when he was alone in the area.

At all times Alfredo Ibero’s team has shown itself to be solvent at the back, without going through any trouble, trying to launch quick counters that have not been fruitful either. The red and black team, for their part, has failed a lot in the last pass. Almost no center to the area has arrived in conditions for the strikers to finish off.



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