ARD breakdown at the 2022 World Cup: Presenter Wellmer incorrectly addresses Schweinsteiger

Updated on 01/12/2022 18:21

  • Jessy Wellmer reported several times for ARD alongside Bastian Schweinsteiger from important football games.
  • But as soon as she is no longer standing right next to the expert, her memory of the name lets her down.
  • Schweinsteiger but skilfully picks up the bad pass.

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Out of sight, out of mind, you might think: ARD presenter Jessy Wellmer has faced with her faux pas Bastian Schweinsteiger caused a stir on social media on matchday 9 of the World Cup finals in Qatar (Monday, November 28th, 2022).

Wellmer, who is still constantly at Schweinsteiger’s side as part of the reporting on the EM 2021, moderates during the tournament in Train from a studio in Mainz. And only because her colleague Alexander Bommes was absent at short notice due to illness.

Wellmer regularly has Almuth Schult, Thomas Hitzlsperger and Sami Khedira as experts at her side in the late shifts. So also before 5 p.m. game between record world champions Brazil and Switzerland.

When Wellmer handed it over to her colleague Esther Sedlaczek and Schweinsteiger on site at the Stadion 974 in Doha, she made a faux pas. “We’re going to Doha for the Brazilian game against Switzerland. Off to Esther and Sebastian,” said Wellmer.

Wellmer: “Oh, God, I said Sebastian”

But she soon realized her mistake. “Oh god, I said Sebastian.” But he relaxed and laughed at the situation: “Sebastian? Well, you can call me whatever you want.”

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Sedlaczek intervened. “If anyone can call you Sebastian, it’s Jessy Wellmer, right?” Schweinsteiger picked up the ball and Wellmer was out of the line of fire: “Of course.”

Wellmer: “You can now also call me Jenny or Peggy”

When we then returned from Qatar to the studio in Mainz, Wellmer offered a kind of revenge with a wink: “You can now call me Jenny or Peggy, that’s fine too.” When presenting the next switch to Qatar for the Sedlaczek/Schweinsteiger duo, Wellmer emphasized that he was giving up on “Bastian Schweinsteiger”. Various media picked up the dialogue and reported about it.

Wellmer and Schweinsteiger had been heavily criticized by the spectators for a lack of harmony and looseness during the 2021 European Championship.

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