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under the 30th anniversary of the NBA games in MexicoAdam Silver, commissioner of the league, offered a press conference to talk about the future of the relationship between the most important basketball in the world and Mexico.

NBA team in Mexico

The most repeated question was the possibility of have an NBA team in Mexico and the candidate venue is Mexico City. The commissioner noted that in the next collective agreement between the league and the Players Association they will address the issuebut believes that the country is taking all the steps to have an NBA franchise in the near future.

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The importance of Mexico for the NBA

Adam Silver recognized that The Mexican market is becoming increasingly important in the NBAthe commissioner collects that there are at least, 30 million fans of the league in Mexico and believes that this number will only increase in the next years. In the same way, he pointed out the great climate that Mexico City has, the ease of reaching it and the time zone that they have to take a team in the future.

Plan to have more Mexicans in the NBA

The press also asked the director if there was any formula to have more Mexican players in the league and the commissioner pointed out that there are programs like the ‘Junior NBA’ to follow up on young talent in Mexico and that in the future they can play in the NBA or the WNBA, since they want to promote feminine women in basketball.

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An ‘All-Star Game’ in Mexico?

Adam Silver was direct with the answer; in the short term it is not possiblebecause all the NBA franchises compete to host the event and clarified that at the time it was held in Toronto, Canada, thanks to the fact that they have the Raptors team, but in the future and If Mexico already has an NBA franchise, of course they will consider an ‘All-Star Weekend’ in the country.


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