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Original title: American retro lazy wear, a baseball jacket can be done!

Author: The trend is in stock

This autumn and winter baseball jacket is extremely popular. From cheap retro sports brands to high-end men’s clothing, they have launched a wave of baseball jacket items. In addition to the classic black and white, there are many lively contrasting color items. Come today. Take a look at the stars’ autumn and winter baseball jackets!

Wang Hedi wears a classic black baseball jacket. He wears a joint brand MEDM and Necessity Finery baseball uniforms from Higher Brothers member KnowKnow and Nanjing Expiry Date, paired with We11Done ripped jeans, an Ader Error black baseball cap, and xVESSEL GOP2.0 Marshmallow Classic Lows BLACK classic black cotton candy sneakers, All Black is more passionate with a little red.

The brown baseball jacket is very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons and is relatively rare. Wang Hedi also chose the same color to wear. He wore the white and brown color angel baseball uniform of the national trend brand THE WIZ with the Genesis sweater of the same brand inside. In addition to the color matching, the printing theme is also Very uniform, with Necessity Finery ripped skull print jeans and Kaalixto brown star shoes and light brown frame Tyrannosaurus sunglasses, brown elements from head to toe are full.

INTO1 member Liu Yu also chose the same color to wear, MLB blue and white simple baseball jacket with SELECTED x ETUDES joint letter embroidered blue baseball cap, wearing Jimmy-Choo blue and white canvas shoes, inner and leg pants are pure White, refreshing blue and white is very youthful, and the mobile phone case and interior decoration are all blue, which is too unified!

Huang Minghao Justin’s same-color outfits are armed to the hair. He recently dyed his purple hair and wore a purple LV patch mixed leather baseball tunic jacket with a purple Paint Can paint bucket bag to achieve the ultimate same-color outfit. Justin also chose the neutral and lively colors of the white inner and trousers to add some white space to the outfit.

  Bai Jingting took a selfie with the mirror in his baseball uniform. He was wearing a Readymade baseball jacket with a Gallery Dept sweater inside, and his Oversized upper body was paired with bootcut jeans and Off-White boots. The wide top and bottom narrow way showed his long legs. Boys also need some show figureBe careful!

Wang Hedi also loves baseball jackets too much. He also chose baseball jackets when he went for a walk in the park. He was wearing a national trendy brand PUK blue and white color matching American retro baseball jacket with a black sweater of the same brand inside. The same cosmic theme print is harmonious; wearing the same brand A furry fisherman hat and colorful bead necklaces are very suitable for older children playing on a slide; finally, there is a pair of AFGK ripped jeans from the Masiwei brand, which is cool and milky to wear!

  Red Velvet member Sun Seungwan Wendy’s baseball jacket is worn, and the green apple green color is very good!Wendy wears an NBA Brooklyn Nets baseball jacket with a Korean fashion brand Johnny Hates Jazz mini cropped short-sleeved Tee. The lower body is matched with Korean niche designer brand Loeuvre high-waisted straight jeans and Fila Targa 88/22 white shoes, with GCDS on the back The signature fluorescent green bag completes the color echo and is full of vitamin C content!

CELINE 2022 Winter Men’s BOY DOLL series has too many black and white color matching baseball jackets worn by male stars. In China and Korea, there are Song Weilong, Chen Zheyuan, Cui Ranjun, Huang Xuanchen, Wu Yuheng, etc. Most people choose In addition to the simple way of wearing white Tee + jeans, you can also wear it with an American retro taste!

gidle member Zhao Meiyan’s baseball jacket is full of Y2K feeling. The Korean brand Yeseyesee’s blue and gray color matching leather baseball jacket is paired with ultra-loose wide-leg jeans. The Game Royal blue and white sneakers echo the same color outfit from beginning to end, and the JW PEI taro purple underarm bag on the back adds a girly look!

Yu Shuxin’s black baseball uniform is also very hot girl-like. She wears a Givenchy black and gray leather baseball jacket with Chrome Hearts gray long sleeves, Givenchy canvas shoes, and stacks of black silk socks. She is sweet and spicy. , is an American retro sweet cool girl.

Zhao Lusi’s baseball uniform is as girly as she is. The Smiley white baseball jacket is made of special material. The sleeves are designed with knitted twist, which makes the neutral style baseball uniform more gentle. It is matched with SOMESOWE white wide legs Knitted pants and SugarSu plush slippers, milky winter casual wear.


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