AIC Education, which develops the “Oshu Juku” brand, has decided to introduce “FLENS School Manager” from 2023. – Press release from FLENS Co., Ltd.

FLENS (Friends) Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takahiro Oo, hereinafter “FLENS”) is a communication app “FLENS School Manager (hereinafter, FSM)” provided by the company that aims to become a fan of school student parents. ”, AIC Education Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Katsumi Kuwabara, hereinafter “AIC”) will start from the spring of 2023 in all “Oshu Juku” brand school buildings, AIC Kids, AIC Bilingual Kindergarten, Ou We are pleased to announce that the state basketball club will start using it. Since last year, it has been operated and verified in some school buildings, and since it is possible to smoothly migrate from the existing system, and the product vision of FSM and the direction required by AIC are in line, we have decided to introduce it on a full-scale from 2023. .
We will centralize information dissemination to FSM and improve convenience for Keio students and parents. In addition, in addition to improving the efficiency of internal operations by linking with AIC’s core system, it will be used to strengthen educational affairs, including functions such as school performance surveys and digital forms, which are scheduled to be installed in the future. In addition, taking advantage of the timeline format of the FSM app, in addition to administrative communications, we can distribute PR content such as case studies of improving grades, exam results, the state of the school building, various event information, etc. with images. We will continue to promote fans.

■Overview of introduction of AIC Education

AIC Education promotes various educational projects. Cram schools and other educational businesses include Oshu Juku (elementary school entrance exams to university entrance exams), AIC Medical Academy (medical school entrance examination specialty), AIC Recommended Academy (comprehensive selection/school recommendation type entrance examination preparation), AICKids/Teens (English conversation class/ directly managed and FC), Oshu Juku Passon Class (computer skills and programming education from infants to adults), Oshu Soccer Club/Oshu Basketball Club (soccer and basketball school from infants to junior high school students), Apine 24 (24-hour fitness ) operation and planning development. AIC Online @HOME (online Oshujuku) and AIC Online English (online English conversation) as online education businesses. School business: Auckland International College (prestigious private high school in New Zealand), AIC World College Hiroshima Primary School (international school), AIC World College Kyoto Primary School (international school), AIC World College Osaka Primary School (international school/April 2023) We operate and plan and develop AIC Bilingual Kindergarten (a kindergarten for bilingual education). In addition, there is AICJ Junior and Senior High School (Hiroshima Integrated Junior and Senior High School) as a group school. As for the FC business, we operate Takeda Juku and other promising FC businesses.

“School Manager” provided by FLENS as a tool that is easier for parents and students to use in order to respond to major changes in the world environment, such as the spread of smartphones, active use of SNS, and methods of information gathering. We have decided to introduce and start using We will continue to improve the convenience and satisfaction of Keio students and parents, and improve operational efficiency.

■About FLENS School Manager

“FLENS School Manager” is a cram school communication app for smartphones that FLENS started service in 2020. Focusing on notification distribution, digitizing points of contact between cram schools and parents/students, such as entry/exit notifications, point grants, digital forms, libraries, billing amount notifications, convenience store storage, messages, video distribution, etc. To promote “fans”. It is an internal public relations support application that contributes. It also has a task management function for employees, a system that integrates communication management and internal business management, and a platform that can be expected to significantly reduce costs by improving work efficiency and unifying multiple existing tools and services. is.

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