Add and follow Elordi and Zabaleta in the Tolosa pediment

Elordi lifts a ball from the ground at the Beotibar fronton in Tolosa. / iñigo royo

Laso-Imaz 8- Elordi-Zabaleta 22

Fifth consecutive victory for those from Aspe who reaffirm their leadership after not giving any option to Laso and Imaz

Nobody can with them. And there are five days of the Couples. Elordi and Zabaleta are still intractable in the broadest sense of the word. Unbeaten and without anyone scoring more than eleven goals. Yesterday, in a full Beotibar de Tolosa fronton, Laso and Imaz stayed in eight. The solid leaders once again marked the territory with two games to go in the first round of the league and the spectators were left wanting more. As they maintain the progression they will practically ensure their pass to the next round without breaking a sweat. The Etxarren defender continues without giving options on his ground and the Mallabia striker is sweet.

Baiko’s men had a complicated mission but from the first bars their rivals made it clear that it was going to become impossible. The sensation of power that they transmit is capable of capturing it in the light without problems, and it is necessary to enter very strongly into the clash to hold up to its rhythm. The Colorados tried but they are not at their best either.

Six goals from kick

The man from Mallabia maintained his success at the time of finishing and was somewhat more incisive than on other occasions. 14 goals made, six kicks, which avoid extra efforts. His partner added another four and made no mistake. With those numbers it is impossible to even generate doubts. The meeting was almost a monologue because there were not so many that demanded a great waste. The game ended with 246 balls.

Those who wore blue entered the contest very focused and immediately made a difference. They took out the steamroller and, in the blink of an eye, they were placed with a 1-9 in favor without their rivals showing the ability to disturb them. Those from Aspe had the crash where they wanted but did not slow down and gradually widened the gap.

Each one fulfilled their mission perfectly and by the second mandatory break the match was practically resolved (6-18) against some emotionally touched rivals. Then it was only necessary to wait until they closed the game, which was not long in coming.



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