A study shows the chances of Argentina in the World Cup: how many chances do we have to lift the cup?

As soon as the match against Saudi Arabia ended, the unease was absolute. However, when everything was worry, the study “301060” of the Institute of Calculation of the UBA and the Conicet ensured that the Argentine national team he was more likely to progress to the round of 16 than his competitors. And it didn’t fail.

The investigation also indicated that Germany (already eliminated) had a mere 19.08% chance to advance to the round.

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This work is updated day by day, when each day of the Qatar World Cup 2022. With the crossing of eighths already established, according to the study the albiceleste group has 82.3% chance to beat Australia and is only surpassed by Brazilwhich has an 83.45% chance of advancing to the next instance.

In the duel that they will carry out Netherlands y USAArgentina’s potential rivals in the quarterfinals, also has a clear advantage: the European team has a 67.22% chance.

Regarding being champion of Qatar 2022, the report says that there is a 12.69% chance to add the third world star, behind only Brazilthe top favourite.

Qatar 2022 World Cup: Argentina’s odds of reaching each instance

  • Quarter finals: 82.3%
  • Semifinal: 52.69%
  • Final: 23.67%
  • Champion: 12.69%
The Argentine illusion in the previous one against Poland. (Photo: Leandro Heredia/TN)

There is a peculiarity that excites: according to 306010, the odds of the Argentine National Team were less than half after the game with Saudi Arabia: 39.57% to reach the quarterfinals, 23.6% to reach the semifinal, 11.23% to play in the final and 5.58% to lift the cup. La Scaloneta was eighth in the list of favorites to win the tournament, but today is second.

Brazil, the top candidate to shout champion

The Tite team is the favorite to pass each of the instances: it has 83.45% to reach the quarterfinals, 67.57% to the semis, 48.64% to play the final and 33.96% to win it. Argentina is second in all forecastsexcept in the final, because he would meet the five-time champion in an eventual semi on Tuesday, December 13.

The main candidates to lift the World Cup after the South Americans are: England (11.33%), France (9.39%), Spain (9.17%), Portugal (8.51%) and the Netherlands (5.14%).



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