A judoka Father Christmas in Morbihan

Credit: illustration Envato – DR

While the Christmas market on Place Maurice-Marchais in Vannes was in full swing, visitors witnessed a funny scene involving Santa Claus.

After talking and taking pictures with the children, the Santa Claus chosen by the Vannes Festival Committee took off his red and white costume to go home. It is then that he sees an alcoholic man in the middle of the crowd, disturbing the families in the aisles of the market. “He showed up violent with the members of the Festival Committeetold Santa Claus of the day to the regional daily West France. They called a Securiteam agent. When the person arrived, he pounced on her.

Neither one nor two, the one who was in Santa Claus a few minutes earlier intervened to control the disruptor. A rather usual situation for this retired constable et judo black belt ! after using a judo hold to immobilize the alcoholic man, all that remained was to wait for the intervention of the police.

The drunk individual was then placed in drunk tank.



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