3 goals, 10,200 euros fine, but 0 words: why is Kylian Mbappé silent? | 2022 football world cup

He speaks with his feet, not with words for the time being. To the frustration of all French journalists, Kylian Mbappé is keeping his lips tight this World Cup. hello, hello? Background to a marathon of silence out of self-interest and lessons from the past.

What do Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin De Bruyne and Kylian Mbappé have in common at this World Cup?

Unfortunately no place in the 1/8th finals. All four have already been voted “Man of the Match” in Qatar. This includes – in addition to a striking red trophy – a lot of ceremony. Like an obligatory interview for the FIFA cameras.

Strangely enough, one person has already thanked twice for that chat: Kylian Mbappé. He even seemed to deliberately hide the name of the beer brand.

Mister provocative.

The star paid the fine of 10,200 euros with a smile.

Sensitive questions

At the army of French press people, they can laugh less with the silence marathon of the biggest media magnet.

Mbappé also fit in for all press conferences and interviews in the mixed zone in recent weeks. Only through social media did the striker speak sporadically.

But why?

According to the French L’Equipe, the Frenchman wants to avoid all sensitive questions about the organization of the World Cup in Qatar. After all, at PSG, the oil state pays its insane salary of 131 million euros every year.

Mbappé realizes that one word open to interpretation can unleash a media frenzy towards the sheikhs. Then no risks.

In addition, the past also plays a role.

During the previous European Championship, the press eagerly covered up a riot between Mbappé and Olivier Giroud. The latter announced in the run-up to the tournament that his teammates did not play him often enough. “I barely get balls,” he grumbled.

Without naming names, it was clear that it was about Mbappé, who would later counter firmly at a press moment.

The mutual dissatisfaction would translate into a disappointing European Championship. Mbappé himself missed the decisive penalty against Switzerland, a match in which he wasted an unusual number of chances.

The list of the greatest

The Duracell Rabbit has learned lessons from its dead battery back then.

He no longer wastes energy on peripheral matters. Mbappé’s focus is entirely on a second world title.

How quickly would the Frenchman climb up the ranks of the greatest? Few can say that they have guided their country as a key pawn to the ultimate football trophy on several occasions. No one in recent history, really.

Could that be Mbappé’s sneaky mission?

Goals against Denmark (2x) and Australia already proved that the sights are sharp.

More than ever, Mbappé is not only decisive with his goals, but also in the French dressing room.

Teammates testify that the phenomenon – still only 23 years old – indirectly takes the group by the hand. Without demanding the big word from captain Hugo Lloris, because Mbappé also prefers to talk with his feet.

“Kylian was not the same player and personality in 2018 as he is now,” said Antoine Griezmann. “We see him much more in the group, in training. He brings joy of life. Kylian is important to us.”

Even without acting as a lightning rod in the press.



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