2nd term Daegu District/Gun Sports Council election candidates deadline, Dong-gu/Dalseong-gun voting scheduled

2nd term Daegu District/Gun Sports Council election candidates deadline, Dong-gu/Dalseong-gun voting scheduled

Reporter Kim Woo-jeong [email protected]

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Only 1 candidate was registered for 6 districts, no vote was held

Ahead of the 2nd civil election for city, county and district sports president elections to be held on the 22nd, the candidates for the Daegu district and county sports chairman elections have been confirmed.

Elections for the Daegu District/Gun Sports Council are held in two out of eight districts and counties, and the remaining six places were elected without a vote with only one candidate registered.

According to Article 44, Paragraph 2 of the Local Sports Council President Election Management Regulations, in the case of a single candidate, the election is decided without a vote of yes or no.

As a result of the registration of candidates for the election of the sports chairman of each district and county election committee on the 12th, two candidates each from Dong-gu and Dalseong-gun were nominated.

In Dong-gu, Song Dae-ho (symbol number 1), former head of Dong-gu badminton association, and Kim Tae-jong (symbol number 2), current president of Dong-gu Sports Association, clash.

The two candidates competed in the first popular election in January 2020, and Chairman Kim Hyun was elected. At that time, in the three-way election, candidate Kim won with 43% of the vote among a total of 208 electoral votes.

In the Dalseong-gun Athletic Association election, Lee Jin-oh (symbol No. 1), Dalseong-gun Football Association president, and Kim Seong-jae (symbol No. 2), former senior vice president of the Dalseong-gun Sports Association, face each other.

Candidate Jin-oh Lee, who has expanded his position by serving as director and auditor, starting with the technical chairman of the Dalseong-gun Sports Association, expressed his determination to innovate the irrational parts of the local sports association.

Candidate Sung-jae Kim has been in the local sports world for over 30 years, such as serving as the senior vice president of the military sports association for many years when the head of the local organization concurrently served as the ex-officio sports chairman before the launch of the civil election sports association in 2020.

In the remaining six districts, current presidents Yoon Young-ho of Dalseo-gu, Ryu Seong-jin of Buk-gu, and Park Jin-woo of Suseong-gu ran alone, and the election was confirmed. lead

District and county candidates whose primaries have been confirmed can campaign from the 13th to the 21st. It is stipulated that only the candidates themselves can participate in election campaigns and cannot have election offices or election officials.

Buying, inducing interest, providing money, etc. to candidates or electors for the purpose of election campaign is strictly prohibited or prohibited, and third parties cannot share the election campaign posts posted on the candidate’s SNS with others.

In particular, candidates shall not support or oppose a specific political party or elected official during an election campaign, or claim that they are supported or recommended by a specific political party or elected official.

The location and voting time of the polling place to be held on the 22nd can be checked on the voting information sent to each elector, the website of each sports association, and the 2022 local sports president election website. Voting times vary by sports club, so be sure to check the exact time.


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