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A bad week for the Suns, Zion Williamson dropping a dunk worthy of All Star Weekend, Jokic and his ever crazier averages… Here we go for the eighth debrief of the year, so if you haven’t been following the NBA news of the week, you’ve come to the right place. Get out a sheet, a pen, we start the remedial course.

On the night of Monday to Tuesday:

The Clippers duo return

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard after the win – via Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

As usual, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard had once again been left out of the team due to injuries, and they return to the courts at the same time, much to the despair of the Charlotte Hornets. The North Carolina team had nevertheless done well. While they are led throughout the first half, they come back to score quickly, and even exceed the Los Angeles team. As usual, the Clippers wake up late but manage to come back, giving us a tight end to the game as we like them. But for the few times Kawhi gets the chance to show off his talent, he wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass him by. Twenty seconds on the clock, perfect equality, the Klaw * takes his time, waits for the last moment .. and draws an indefensible shot to give the victory to the Clippers. A reassuring return for Los Angeles, but given the player’s injury concerns, it wouldn’t be surprising if he started missing games again very soon.

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday:

Battle at the top of the league

The leaders of the East against those of the West. Suns versus Celtics. As expected, a tight match, where the two teams respond to each other for c… Ah no, sorry, it was Jazz-Warriors. As for the match that interests us here, much less suspense. We were indeed expecting a balanced meeting, but Boston decided otherwise. They won the first quarter by 10 points, the second by 17 points, the third by 12 points. Complete domination, and despite the Suns waking up at the end of the game, the gap is far too big, the Celtics far too strong, so they logically win 125 to 98. If the NBA Finals looks like this, let’s hope that it will be a little tighter.

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday:

The Brooklyn duo continue their cleaning

It had been a long time since we had talked about these two. Yet every Nets game is the same story: Kyrie and Durant dominate. This time, they come together for 70 points and 17 assists in twos. Opposed to the Charlotte Hornets, they take a large lead in the first half, which allows them to release the pressure late in the game and win without being worried. Final score, 122 to 116. In a season where pair performances are ubiquitous, Durant and Kyrie show that they are indeed among the best duos in the league. Collectively, the Nets still have room.

On the night of Thursday to Friday:

Jamal Murray plays spoilsport in Oregon

Murray’s shot on the head of Jerami Grant – via Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Back from an injury that we already mentioned in Summary 2, Damian Lillard wasted no time in returning to All Star level. He planted 40 points and 12 assists, the only truly outstanding performance in the Portland Blazers squad. Faced with a lonely Lillard, the Denver Nuggets were able to count on a more than solid collective. Nikola Jokic is close to the triple double and Jamal Murray activates boss mode. After a decisive three-pointer from Lillard, when everyone thought the outcome of the match was sealed, Murray unsheathed an ultra clutch* shot three seconds from the end and gave the Nuggets their fifteenth victory.

On the night of Friday to Saturday:

Zion Williamson way too cheeky

Dunk 360 in windmill, we really invite you to watch the video… – via NBAE via Getty Images

The Phoenix Suns face the New Orleans Pelicans. An enticing poster between two teams who had already faced each other in the final stages of last year. On paper as on the field, the meeting is balanced, so that at the end of the match, twelve players have scored at least 10 points. In this meeting where it is the collective game that dominates, a player still stood out. The first of the draft, conspicuously absent from the Pels last season: the excellent Zion Williamson is back, and he is playing better than ever. He planted 35 points, with the bonus of an incredible dunk a few seconds from the end, when the match was already over. This didn’t work for the opposite team, and the tension mounted for a few minutes. But the Suns can complain all they want, their opponents get the last laugh, winning 128-117.

Be careful all the same with the right of reply, since the Suns have the opportunity to take their revenge in two days, we will keep you informed.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday:

And 80 for Jokic

Yes yes, 80 triple doubles*. A symbolic but no less impressive milestone for the Denver Nuggets pivot. That night they faced the Utah Jazz, a team that has been in decline for a few weeks, but which remains a danger for any team. And the danger was well managed by Denver. Nine points ahead for them at half time, a comfortable gap which allows them to remain quietly ahead of the rest of the match. Final score: 115 to 110. As for the Joker*, he scored 31 points, distributed 14 assists and took 12 rebounds. Respect.

On the night of Sunday to Monday:

Update Pelicans-Suns

You were promised to keep you informed of the game between New Orleans and Phoenix. Well nothing really new, loss for the Suns. A high-intensity match, which ends with a victory for the Pelicans after tense overtime as we like them. We meet next Sunday for the third part of this new saga. Will the Suns be able to get their revenge?

Another XXL performance for Embiid

A second performance above 50 points for Joel Embiid. Once again the center of the Philadelphia Sixers was without mercy for his opponents. Well helped by his teammate James Harden, who posted 16 assists, Embiid scored 53 points in just 34 minutes, and left the Charlotte Hornets no chance. Third time that this team has been mentioned in this week’s summary, and each time the conclusion is the same: defeat. By losing 113 to 131, they go back down to the penultimate place in the Eastern Conference, while the Sixers enter the top 5.

Our player of the week: Nikola Jokic

Nikola Jokic – via Icon Sport

Weekly averages:

26.7 points – 10.3 assists – 10 rebounds

2 wins – 1 loss

Ranking of December 12, 2022:

Western Conference/Eastern Conference

via leg sports


*Klaw: Nickname of Kawhi Leonard

*Clutch: Make a decisive action at the end of a close match.

*Triple double: 10 units in at least 3 major stats (points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks). Examples: 10 points, 10 rebounds, 10 blocks.

*Joker: Nickname of Jokic

Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


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