18 points and final dunk to beat the Warriors

Until today he was on average 3,9 points. This is his first season in the NBA, at 26, and he came from Europe to have been a level player there, but at the highest level. Del Baskonia left last summer in search of the right opportunity and fell to the Jazz in the midst of an aggressive rebuild, without too many aspirations for the new campaign, with a rookie coach (Will Hardy), a manager wanting to evolve on the market (Danny Ainge) and a large group of players trying to make it into the League. This is for example Lauri Markkanen, a sensation of the EuroBasket as was the Italy of Fontecchio, and who due to illness could not participate in this match against the Warriors. Mike Conley neither, Rudy Gay was back. On the visitors’ side, Kerr rested Curry, Green and Wiggins and finished with another blur on the count. Because that was the complete scenario in which Simone was going to triumph over everyone else. Iba a tener momentos para jugar aunque la competencia sea feroz, hay tantos que quieren destacar en los Jazz y el nivel es tan parejo que a Hardy le costará elevar a uno sobre otro, y en los cuatro últimos partidos ha estado 16 minutos de media sobre Track. The ground was paved so that one day he would spoil it, because he can, and that’s how it is, although the result surprises by how and by whom.

124-123 was the final score. A Thriller in French in a Vivint Arena that is still rowing in favor. Now that the Jazz are slowly falling after their spectacular start to the season, these victories are savored more than any others because they show that the team is still alive.. “We are an imperfect team, but we have heart. And the end of the game reflects it”Hardy said at the end and he’s right. They continue, with a 15-13 record, ahead of franchises like the Warriors in the West.

The Jazz ended without 1.4 seconds his rival with a Fontecchio dunk over the counter in what was supposed to be the Warriors’ last game. The Italian forward was one of Utah’s strongest assets despite being replaced: 18 points. Beasley scored the same goal and Clarkson left aged 22, the home side’s top scorer. On the other side, it was considered after finishing that an important opportunity had been lost, since the inertia of the last quarter was for them with the good comeback they organized. A starting Poole (36) and a combative Kuminga (24) were highlights amid so many absences, also noting there was a return: that of James Wiseman to the main team after being sent to the G-League to improve. . The victory breathes the air of the Jazz, who in these four games with the good presence of Fontecchio total three victories, with a view to facing Rudy Gobert and his Minnesota Timberwolves in the next game, a valid measure of a team that has been aggressive in the market precisely with the transfer of the Frenchman and to which things do not stick in what we have seen this season if we compare it with the courageous team of Yuta.

The dating trend was crazy. During the first two periods, the Jazz won a partial victory only by pressing after them, without clear domination and only by taking the advantage in the last minutes. The score was tight there. In the third round, the distance increased, reaching +12. But the Warriors have a reel and they knew how to come back. On a poor shooting night for Klay Thompson, who shot 25 and hit eight, the shooting guard was the leader in the chamber and his teammates did a good job of putting the team in a winning position. And it happened at the last minute and everything exploded. With a two lead for Golden State, Clarkson came up with the idea of ​​penetrating against Kuminga’s defense, with the Congolese holding on tight to block the attempt first and grab the ball later, and the Jazz man didn’t. didn’t take well and kissed aggressively. to his rival, who stirred. The techniques resulting from this punching attempt left the responsibility to Fontecchio. He went for a 3-pointer after that and Thompson bolted it. And the distance went to four with 13 seconds to go. It was time for Beasley to hit a 3 and force the Warriors to wait for the last drive, which they did. Alexander-Walker kicked the ball in while Jordan Poole collected it, it was left in the hands of Beasley and Fontecchio, already on the other side, just had to jump to happiness. A two-handed dunk to win closed their match: 3/5 on one-shots, 3/4 on two-shots, 3/6 on three-shots. A great story to liven up this Wednesday evening.



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