Yongin Office of Education, ‘teacher and student become one’ badminton competition with teachers at Cheongdeok Middle School: Gyeonggi News Media

▲ Badminton competition with teachers and students at Cheongdeok Middle School where teachers and students become one

[경기뉴스미디어=정은아 기자] Yongin Cheongdeok Middle School (Principal Myung In-hee) held the ‘Cheongdeokbae School Sports Club Badminton Tournament with Teachers’ on November 25, where teachers and students compete as a team.

This competition, which is held in the form of a team competition composed of teachers and students, was held every year, but was stopped due to Corona 19 and resumed last year.

There are 5 male doubles teams, 6 female doubles teams, and 9 mixed doubles teams, with a total of 40 teachers and students participating in the match. Teachers and students work together rather than win or lose. It is meaningful in sharing closeness.

Principal In-Hee Myeong of Cheongduk Middle School said, “Through the fun educational activities of the teacher’s companion, I expect that it will be a time for everyone in the educational community of Cheongduk Middle School to share love, respect, consideration and gratitude, passion and joy.”

These days, as cases of infringement of educational activities are increasing, Cheongdeok Middle School’s badminton competition with teachers is attracting attention.



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