Yerry Mina returned to Everton but his statistics have not been favorable in recent seasons | Colombians Abroad

Central defender Yerry Mina has been one of the most successful Colombian soccer players in foreign soccer, but since his arrival in Europe he began to experience one of the most constant problems of his career: injuries.

Since Mina arrived at Everton in the 2019 season, coming from Barcelona after not joining the Barça club and the English team, he began to have good numbers from his first games and more so with the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, with whom he had a good atmosphere .

However, after two excellent first seasons that even allowed him to be a key player in the Colombian National Team, his best performances being in 2020 and 2021, where the defender managed to play 29 and 24 games in the Premier League respectively in those years.

That good level made Yerry Mina become the favorite player in the defensive zone for the Everton coaches, but after the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons, the Colombian’s continuity was declining due to the continuous injuries he was suffering from little by little

In 2021 Yerry Mina was only able to play 13 games in the Premier League and there he began to decline little by little, lasting half a season with activity, although he was forgiven that year for being an outstanding player and the confidence that he was going to arrive in good level was latent.

Despite the fact that he did not receive much negative criticism, the current 2022/23 season started very badly and from then on the followers and former players of the Toffee club have not put up with the Colombian’s injuries, which ended up becoming a recurring theme.

In the match against Chelsea he started and was immediately injured in August, that is, just a week into the season. That bad news raised doubts in Everton and kept him away for half a championship.
After three months absent, the Colombian was barely able to return in the EFL Cup match against Bournemouth, where Frank Lampard gave him confidence, but the Colombian’s level was not what was expected and Yerry Mina ended up being strongly criticized.

For this reason, when everything seemed that he was going to repeat as a starter against Bournemouth to give him more filming, Lampard decided to opt for other solutions and leave him on the substitute bench, confirming that the Colombian is no longer there to be able to be the undisputed starter in the toffees.

Now, Yerry Mina finished half the season with Everton with two games played, one in the Premier League and the other in the Cup, but with the break in European leagues for the World Cup, he hopes to prepare better to arrive strong at the December games where he expects convince Lampard again.

At the moment, Yerry Mina’s statistics in the last two seasons are not at all encouraging after accumulating just 15 games played in more than 40 games he has played at Everton. The break could benefit him and even out the situation.



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