Yeongyang-gun 2023 main budget, the largest ever, KRW 388.3 billion, submitted to the National Assembly: National Safety Newspaper

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Yeongyang-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Governor Do-chang Oh) said, “To ensure the health and safety of the population and to contribute to the revitalization of the stagnant local economy, we have prepared a budget of 388.3 billion won for 2023, the largest ever, and submitted it to the Yeongyang-gun council.”

By accounting, general accounting increased by KRW 40.7 billion (13.2%) to KRW 348.7 billion, and special accounting increased by KRW 2 billion (5.32%) to KRW 39.6 billion.

This budget is to use available financial resources as much as possible to restore the depressed local economy, such as stabilizing the lives of county residents who are experiencing great difficulties due to emergency economic conditions such as high prices and economic slowdown, revitalizing the local economy, expanding employment through job creation, and improving income in rural areas. It was secured and organized, and the budget for the health and safety of the military was also organized with the main focus.

In particular, in this budget, the first budget of the 8th civil election, in order to promote major pledged projects and policy projects, efforts were made to secure government funds by establishing a cooperative system with the mayor of Yeongyang County and local lawmakers and actively discovering public projects by public officials. As a result, 2022 It was announced that the government secured 90.4 billion won, an increase of 19.5 billion won (27.5%) from the original budget of 70.9 billion won.

Major projects include ▲ Safety insurance for residents of Yeongyang-gun (110 million won) ▲ Support for health examination expenses for residents of Yeongyang-gun over 50 years of age (750 million won) ▲ Crop accident insurance premium support (2.6 billion won) ▲ Support for farmers and fishermen’s allowances (2.4 billion won) Support (KRW 1 billion) ▲Support for jobs and social activities for the elderly (KRW 4.6 billion) ▲Support for basic pension (KRW 20.6 billion) ▲Modernization of senior citizen centers and creation of a food culture (KRW 320 million) ▲Child care allowances and services (KRW 1.9 billion) ▲Establishment of a nutrition library (KRW 5.9 billion) ▲ New construction of agricultural product distribution facilities (cold storage) (KRW 2 billion) ▲ Establishment of dormitories for agricultural workers (KRW 1.2 billion) ▲ Renovation and construction of sports facilities such as badminton courts (KRW 5.8 billion) KRW 10 billion) ▲ Yeongyang Birch Forest Healing Hub Creation Project (KRW 1.5 billion) ▲ Dongbu-ri Rural Space Maintenance Project (KRW 2.7 billion) ▲ Subi Jukpa Local Waterworks Expansion Project (KRW 3 billion) ▲ Yeongyang Jeongju-type Small Farm Creation Project (KRW 2.8 billion) ▲ Underwater Establishment of a rehabilitation center (4.6 billion won) ▲ Expansion of a colorful job support center (1.5 billion won) was organized.

Accordingly, by field, it was organized in the order of agriculture, forestry, marine and fisheries (18.73%), environment (15.95%), social welfare (15.11%), and national land and regional development (9.75%).

Oh Do-chang, Mayor of Yeongyang County, said, “The role of local finance is more important than ever to recover the local economy and overcome crises caused by inflation and economic slowdown. We will be thorough in enforcement so that it can be used appropriately.”



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