World Cup Qatar: Germany disconcerts in friendly, Hofmann said it doesn’t matter | World Cup Qatar

A few days before the ball rolls in Qatar, the teams finalize details for the premiere and do rehearsals that are not always favorable.

The last one Germany did, for example, was clearly disappointing. The one who usually arrives as a favorite barely beat Oman 1-0, team number 75 in the world, who will not be in the Cup and who played Hansi Klick’s team with very little.

The critics rained down: “if we win all the games 1-0 in the World Cup, we will be champions. It doesn’t bother me at all if we don’t play shit,” Hofmann said in the mixed zone before dozens of journalists.

“Obviously it is not the level we want in the World Cup,” Flick had to admit at his press conference, in which there was more than one evasion.

“Of course we imagined a different game and with more goals,” Hofmann tried to clarify later, after acknowledging that men like Musiala or Müller were missing at the start and that it was only a test. It is expected that during the competition doubts can be scared away with the traditional offensive power of the Germans in the World Cups.



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