World Cup Qatar 2022 | Prohibited the sale of alcohol around the stadiums

The Losail stadium, one of those that will host the World Cup. / efe

The organizers of the World Cup and FIFA backtrack two days after the inauguration and the new decision affects a contract of 72 million euros between the highest soccer body and Budweiser

Just two days before the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, the authorities of the country that will organize the championship and FIFA backtracked on Friday and announced that the sale of alcohol in the vicinity of the stadiums will be prohibited. The sale of alcoholic beverages will only be allowed in the so-called FIFA Fan Festival, in other meeting places for fans and in licensed establishments.

Therefore, the beer stalls around the stadiums are abolished, which affects a succulent contract of 72 million euros between FIFA and the company Budweiser, sponsor of the World Cup. According to said agreement, the sale and consumption of alcohol in the vicinity of the stadiums would be allowed from three hours before the matches and up to one hour after their dispute. Only non-alcoholic drinks may be dispensed in and around the stadiums.

“Some fans want to have a beer at the game: others don’t. But the real issue that this change illustrates is much larger: the total lack of communication and transparency from the organizing committee towards the fans,” denounced the FSA, the English fans’ association.

The organization of the World Cup in Qatar thanks the AB InBrv group, owner of Budweiser, for its “understanding”, and recalls that this company will be able to sell non-alcoholic beer inside and outside sports venues.

In Qatar, the ‘sharia’ (Islamic law) governs, which restricts the consumption of alcohol, which is only served to foreign tourists in certain hotels and restaurants. In all the country there is only one store where you can buy alcoholic beverages, on the outskirts of the capital, Doha, and you need an authorization from the company where you work.

around the stadiums three hours before and up to half an hour before the start of the match. They should be open again for an hour after the final whistle. Only non-alcoholic beers should now be available in stadiums.



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