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Von: Walter M. Streets

What if it happens today? If for Germany around 10 p.m. the WM actually ended and we Thursday only one Pointless game against Costa Rica have to endure?

► The consequences for the Bundesliga would be manageable. In the worst case, international interest in the League of Luschen will drop. Finally, Serie A also coped with the fact that Italy didn’t even make it to Qatar.

► The most important thing for Bayern is that the seven German internationals come home safely. Especially since they have already made a heavy World Cup sacrifice with Lucas Hernández’s cruciate ligament tear. Wouldn’t Julian Nagelsmann and Oliver Kahn be so evil after all…?

► For the psyche of the national players, a World Cup out means NOTHING! Müller and Neuer will console themselves that they achieved something in 2014.

And with some young players, I have a bad suspicion that their hairstyle is almost as important to them as the tournament.

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Note: If you don’t show passion at a World Cup, you won’t suffer afterwards. There are definitely no mental wrecks creeping through the league in January.

Oh, we could bring Bundesliga matchdays 16 and 17 forward in December. Then we would have a real first half of the year at the turn of the year. Like always.

Or is something big happening today? We win and just stay at the World Cup. Until 2018 that was the norm for a German national team, today it would be a miracle…


Something is happening in the Bundesliga in the shadow of Qatar: Lars Windhorst has found a buyer for his 64.7 percent stake in Hertha. The US company 777 dares. It is rumored that it was about half the price that Windhorst paid in 2019 with 374 million euros.

777 has been collecting football clubs around the world for around a year and a half. Genoa CFC (Italy), Melbourne Victory (Australia), Standard Liège (Belgium), Vasco da Gama (Brazil), Red Star Paris (France) plus a minority stake in Sevilla FC (Spain).

Johannes Spors from Heidelberg (formerly chief scout of Leipzig, HSV, Hoffenheim) is sports director of all company clubs.

The 777 philosophy: We get involved in club management. For example with transfers.

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Unlike the silent partner Windhorst, Hertha BSC now has a louder partner. It will be interesting to see how it works with Ultra President Bernstein and Fredi Bobic.

If Hertha and the DFL agree, the league will get a new player.

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