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Mystery after the first World Cup goal |

Did the video referee forget the goalkeeper?

Whirling start to the World Cup!

In the third minute of the opening match between hosts Qatar and Ecuador, Enner Valencia scored the supposed opener for the South Americans. Or not? Two minutes later, referee Orsato (Italy) had the goal ruled out for offside.

What happened?

Spectators puzzled in front of the TV Huge fuss about the first “World Cup goal”

Source: ZDF


On a long ball, Ecuador’s Torres gets the ball before Qatar goalkeeper Al-Sheeb rushes out. Shortly thereafter, Valencia headed the ball over the line. 1-0 for Ecuador? No!

Clearly recognizable: Estrada's foot is behind Qatar goalkeeper Al-Sheeb's bottom

To recognize: Estrada’s foot is behind Qatar goalkeeper Al-Sheeb’s bottom

Photo: ZDF

The video referee caught Torres heading the ball offside. Because Estrada’s right toe, who then gets the ball, is behind Al-Sheeb. Since the goalkeeper is the penultimate man, he counts as a field player. Offside, the goal does not count. But a few minutes later it gets strange…

The VAR picture is shown on the TV that is supposed to show the offside position. Problem: The goalkeeper cannot be seen in the animation with the new “Semi-automatic offside detection” technology. Instead, the offside player is played in a duel with a Qatari defender. But that was not decisive at all. So was the goalkeeper forgotten in the animation? Or could it not be shown at all because goalkeepers don’t actually play a role in an offside decision?

They wanted to look for beer stands… Qatari rudely reject BILD reporters!

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Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich explains the confusion on his Twitter account on Sunday evening.

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“To explain: The system selects the player (here TW or defender) who is most relevant for assessing offside. At the same height as here, the system has decided for the defender. Only one is needed.”

Either way, a whirlwind start to the World Cup…



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