World Cup 2022: Portugal – Uruguay 2: 0! Ronaldo’s ego attack AFTER the final whistle | Sports

From a tired kick to a football spectacle in just 191 seconds!

Portugal beat Uruguay 2-0 to secure a place in the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup.

Tough start in the superstar duel between superstar Cristiano Ronaldo (37) and Uru striker Edinson Cavani (35). In the first round, the Portuguese dominate with over 70 percent ball possession, but hardly get any real chances.

The South Americans have the greatest opportunity for this! Tottenham star Rodrigo Bentancur (25) lets three Portuguese stand in front of the penalty area, but then fails free-standing to goalkeeper Diogo Costa (33rd).

Momentum only comes in after the break whistle – but really!

51 minutes: Out of nowhere there is a World Cup premiere: the first speedster of the tournament races across the field! He’s holding a rainbow flag and his Superman shirt reads “Save Ukraine” on the front and “Respect for Iranian Woman” on the back.

After a few seconds of full sprinting, the runabout was caught by stewards and led off the field. Only 191 seconds later, the game also causes excitement.

Fear of Brazil firecrackers Swiss bus crashes police car!

54 minutes: After a Bruno Fernandes cross, Ronaldo starts at just the right moment. The star striker, who is currently without a club, wants to hit the ball with his head but doesn’t seem to get it.

Ronaldo doesn’t care – after the ball slips into the goal, the five-time world footballer celebrates as a goal scorer. Minutes later, however, Fifa attributed the goal to Fernandes.

Bitter for Ronaldo: He almost scored his ninth World Cup goal and drew level with Portugal’s record World Cup clipper Eusebio († 71). Only in the opening game did he score 1-0 in the 3-2 win over Ghana and was the first player to score in five different World Cups.

Curious: Even after the final whistle, Ronaldo wants to make it clear to his teammates that the 1-0 was his goal. Again and again he rubs his forehead in conversation with his teammates, wanting to make it clear that he would have caught the Fernandes cross.

Ronaldo (right) taps his forehead to show that he made it 1-0

Photo: ARD

After falling behind, Uruguay also plays forward. And has two huge chances to equalize. Maxi Gomes hits the post (75′), substitute Luis Suárez only shoots at the side netting (78′). Fernandes converts a penalty to make it 2-0 (90′ + 3′).

This is how the Portuguese grab the group win. And could possibly become the quarter-final opponents of the DFB team if the Flick team got that far.



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