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Weak World Cup ratings start for ZDF!

On Monday, the second day of the tournament, none of the three reached WMgames also only come close to five million fans. The evening game USA vs. Wales (1:1) performed best with 4.349 million TV viewers (market share: 16 percent). England versus Iran (6-2), the first game of the day (kick-off at 2 p.m.), only 3.03 million fans (market share: 28.3 percent) wanted to watch on TV. 4.231 million people (market share: 23.6 percent) sat in front of the game between Senegal and the Netherlands (0:2). TV devices.

What is particularly bitter: The “Donna Leon” thriller broadcast on ARD won with 4.413 million in prime time against “King Soccer”. “Auf Treu und Faith” was also a repeat from 2013.

The catastrophic picture that Fifa and the host Qatar are giving seems to have an impact on the viewing habits of German TV viewers.

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For comparison, it is also worth taking a look at the World Cup four years ago, which, as is well known, took place in the summer. At this time of year people actually watch less TV. Nevertheless, the first prime-time game, the admittedly very attractive and quite wild game between Portugal and Spain (3:3), attracted more than 13 million fans in front of the TV screens. But even that afternoon’s game, Morocco versus Iran (0-1), had almost six million viewers, more than any Monday game of this year’s tournament.

When Germany enters the tournament against Japan (2 p.m.) on Wednesday, you will know even more precisely how football fans rate the World Cup in Qatar. Here’s another comparison: The first German game in Russia, the 0-1 draw against Mexico, was watched by almost 26 million fans on a Sunday afternoon in 2018. That’s an unbelievable 81.6 percent market share.


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