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He couldn’t resist this tip!

The surprising 2-1 defeat of the DFB-Elf against Japan didn’t go unnoticed by Holland coach Louis van Gaal (71).

At the press conference before tomorrow’s game against Ecuador (November 25, 5 p.m.), the former Bayern coach spoke about Germany’s bankruptcy. In his typical way, the Bonds coach had to rub salt in the wound again.

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Van Gaal: “The fact that Argentina and Germany lost says something. It’s easier to defend than to hit. Germany attacked a lot in the first half but didn’t score. That has a lot to do with discipline.”

Protest action before the Japan game Holland stars praise our mouth-to-mouth gesture

Then the clear tip against national coach Hansi Flick (57): “I dare to say: My team is disciplined for 90 minutes. That is what defines this group.”

At least the first Holland game confirms his statement. In the 2-0 win against Senegal it was 0-0 for a long time before two late goals in the 84th and 90th +9. Minute decided the game in favor of our neighbors.

At the PK, van Gaal also made it clear that there would be no political signs or actions on the pitch from his team in the future.

Before the bankruptcy in Japan, the DFB-Elf had posed in the team photo with a mouth-to-mouth gesture, since the world association FIFA had banned the wearing of the “One Love” captain’s armband, which promotes anti-discrimination.

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Van Gaal: “Before the first game we put a point behind the political questions. It’s about a goal and we don’t let ourselves be distracted from it, neither by Fifa nor by other organizations.

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