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Sheik blocked the hotel for fans ++ But no beer at the stadium? |

Qatar does what it wants!

Welcome to Qatar?

In six days (November 20th), next Sunday, the WM. And the host country does what it wants with the fans and also with a German entrepreneur.


With his company Khaya, Volkhard Bauer rents out accommodation for sporting events. He says: “I’ve never seen anything like Qatar. Contracts simply have no value here.”

Long before the World Cup, Khaya had signed a contract with a Qatari sheikh for his eight hotels. One of them: the Velero. The company paid the equivalent of around 4 million euros for the 5-star hotel with 240 beds.

But a month ago, the sheikh suddenly sold the Velero – and since then has refused to pay back the down payment (plus 5% contractual penalty).

Bauer: “We have his written promise, but he just won’t pay. Instead, he keeps inventing new excuses as to why we should forego the four million euros. The Sheikh and his advisers are trying to pressure us and sabotage our work.”

The Qataris are said to have threatened to terminate the other seven contracts as well. Recently, hotels stopped issuing booking confirmations for ten days. But fans need them to get an entry permit for Qatar (“Hayya Card”).

As a result, customer complaints increased.

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The situation escalated on Saturday evening! Nine Italians who booked through Khaya were not allowed into their rooms for three hours. They were only able to check in after Khaya had transferred the equivalent of almost 40,000 euros.


There is also trouble about the beer serving around the games. The plan was to sell beer in separate areas on the stadium grounds. The fans were only allowed to drink in these zones.

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That plan is now shaky!

BILD learned: The Qataris are still pushing for a ban, but Fifa and their beer sponsor are opposing it. At the moment it still looks like beer will be served.

But the stands that were already set up around the stadiums have been dismantled and are said to be relocated to other locations. The last word on the matter has probably not yet been spoken.

But it shows that Qatar just does what they want.



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